Welcome to Televox Enterprises

We recently set up a client with a very nice video conference solution using Logitech webcams and WebEx. Very simple to set up and we were impressed with the results.

http://www.summerplacenorth.com is coming along nicely with the home site pages more than half completed.

I had an interesting question from a customer recently. He wanted to know if desktop computers would be unavailable in the near future. It seems he had read one of the many articles describing the increasing trends in tablet and notebook sales vs traditional pc boxes. I let him know he would be able to get the systems he needs for as long as he needs them. Tablets and notebooks while nice for many uses don't work well in some settings. 
Time to get back to work on customer stuff.  The next thing to do on this site is a page about our domain registration and web hosting services for our clients.


Televox Enterprises provides network and Pc service for the Metro Phoenix area /The Valley of The Sun. We provide small to mid-size businesses with comprehensive technology support. Contact Televox for Custom PCs, Servers and all of your technology needs.

Some of the Items / Areas we can assist you with are:

  • Custom Servers, Workstations and Laptops
  • IT Management provided remotely without a full time staff person
  • All of your technology peripherals like printers, PDAs and network equipment.
  • Custom Business applications
  • Web Page and Web applications
  • Software support for the Windows world of virtually any flavor
  • Flexible support for all of the above
  • Since 1992